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Be Safe in Health
In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 67% of Americans take at least 1 medical drug daily, with most taking 7 or more prescription drugs daily. It was also estimated that 72% of Americans also take natural supplements. Based on those figures, someone was taking both medical drugs and natural supplements at the same time.
How many medical drugs have interactions with at least one vitamin, mineral or natural supplement: 100%. Every medical drug on the market! Granted, not every medical drug interacts with every vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement, but every drug on the market interacts with at least 1 supplement, and some of those interactions can seriously harm the consumer; however, sometimes the interaction can be that the drug doesn't work as effectively; or that it takes longer to leave the body, thus increasing the risk of a toxicity reaction.
And, sometimes a medical drug will deplete an essential vitamin or mineral from the body; wouldn't it be nice to know when a supplement is needed for optimal health?
The Be Safe in Health Series addresses those interactions, as well as discussing those supplements that would help a person if they are taken in conjunction with a medical drug.
The Reports in this Series are filled with valuable information on Medical Drugs, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements, as well as questionnaires and lists of those supplements (and foods) known to interfere with the actions of certain drugs.
Having worked as a Registered Nurse for 7 years, Dr. Ronda Behnke (co-founder of The Homeopathic Centers of America) has seen the hazards of mixing medical drugs with natural medicines; now she is taking a bold step to educate everyone about these hazards: the Be Safe in Health Series. You can mix the two healing modalities; just be wise. Become a member of this Series and benefit from natural medicines, even if they are taken with medical drugs.
Each Be Safe in Health Report addresses:
* Interactions with medical drugs, vitamins and minerals, and other natural health supplements.
* Medical Drug Reports contain information about the nutrients that are depleted by the medical drug as well as those supplements that will assist with the side effects of that drug.
* Lists of natural supplements and foods known to interfere with or enhance the effects of the supplement or drug.
* What conditions a person may have that would be made worse by a given supplement or drug.
* Questionnaires to help a person determine the impact of medical drugs and/or natural supplements to their health.
* Recommendations for foods to consume or avoid for optimal health when taking a medical drug or natural supplement.