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The Homeopathic Centers of America are dedicated to helping those who want to heal through natural means. We specialize in Classical Homeopathy, or True Homeopathy, in that we practice according to Hering's Law of Cure and Samuel Hahnemann's healing laws as well.

Ronda Behnke ND, CHom

Homeopathic Centers of America
Green Bay, Wisconsin
T: (920) 558-9806

Dr. Ronda is a world renown Healer, speaker and author. Her specialty is in Classical Homeopathy. She is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health (CCNH) in Birmingham, Alabama. Her 15 years of experience as a Registered Nurse includes working with the elderly and disabled in long-term care facilities, and working with a variety of patients in acute care hospitals. She has been assisting people using natural healing for over 10 years.

Dr. Ronda's dedication and commitment to healing makes her a valuable member of her community.

When it's time to heal, call Dr. Ronda....she will listen to you.

(920) 558-9806